more and more people are stepping onto the path of working with—or receiving frequencies. this is a great gift as sound is a universal language that is accessible and receivable by everyone. this training is moving between mind (theoretical knowledge) to practice, and is for everyone who likes to learn how to faciliate safe sound scapes in one on ones or group settings.

casa yase, kreuzberg berlin [private]

555eur + VAT
to be paid 100%, or 50%/50% before the training 

cancellation fee

sonic chapters [content]

we'll be opening a safe space to play, connect with mind and intuition, to express and to co_llaborate. intention setting, vocal activation, sonic meditation, prayer for a sound mind, conscious sound bathing, sharing

in this chapter we are learning all about sound theory and the therapeutical effects it has on body, mind and spirit. topics: what is sound x scientific and spiritual religious definition x sound or music x from infrared to ultrasound x sonic entrainment x resonance + dissonance x wave frequency x telepathy x tuning standards 440 hz versus 432 hz x cosmic octave x solfeggio frequencies x brain waves + the subconscious x body tuning and sound therapy with diseases x nervous system + the ans

with the third chapter we are opening the space to practice with intuition but also with technique and will give you a holistic understanding about gongs. expect: don conreaux x try + avoid x overtones + undertones / percussion techniques for non percussionists x gong striking techniques + practice / gong history x gong making x different planetary gongs + astrological meanings x mallets x additional instruments to add and how to add x stands / historical, cultural and shamanic history x where to buy and build your gong family

how to add other instruments to your gong play x how to choose them x vedic scale or playing in the "fifth" x expect a sonic co_creative session with all of us x we have to learn to listen to the other artists x learn to when to rise to a crescendo or diminuendo x when to include rubbers and when to stay completely silent.

as sonic facilitators we are creating spaces in which people should feel safe [what ever this means to them] to experience whatever the vibration is offering to them. expect in this chapter to learn: how to create a safe sonic gong play x your own shadow work x script how to facilitate 1:1 gong sessions x script how to facilitate for groups x script how to facilitate a pujah x script challenges in sessions and how to handle them

to integrate the learned we invite you to engage further with the content. hence you'll be initiated to attend other gong artist's offerings, facilitate your own sound journey and write an essay about sound therapeutical and theoretical knowledge. this will bring the training to a 22hr certification.

︎︎︎application [hello@yaseminvollmond.com]
simply write an email with the dates you’d like to attend



︎︎︎monthly, 3 students at casa yase in Kreuzberg

February ‘24sat 17.02 + sun 18.02
11-6PM [closed]
March ‘24sat 23.03 + sun 24.03
11-6PM [closed]
April ‘24sat 20.04 + sun 21.03
11-6PM [closed]
sat 27.04 + sun 28.03
11-6PM [closed]

May ‘24 sat 11.05 + sun 12.05
11-6PM [closed]

sat 18.05 + sun 19.05
11-6PM [closed]
June ‘24 sat 08.06 + sun 09.06
11-6PM [closed]

sat 15.06 + sun 16.06
11-6PM [closed]

August ‘24
sat 24.08 + sun 25.08
11-6PM [2 slots of 3 open]

November ‘24 sat 23.11 + sun 24.11
11-6PM [3 slots open]

December ‘24sat 07.12 + sun 08.12
11-6PM [3 slots open]

10/11am - 5/6pm with 1 hour break [ lunch outside ]
healthy snacks and fresh turkish tea will be available



︎︎︎yasemin + you
5 hours
with request

[write an email]
one on one content
we’ll be working together on something specifically designed to your needs

for you—WORKING


who is this training for?
this training is designed for individuals who are curious about exploring the world of sound in a safe container. whether you have already made experience with sound [gong, singingbowls, crystal bowls or else] and want to deepen your experience, you are a musician aiming to deepen your impact or maybe you are completely new and just drawn to the world of sonic wellness, yasemin is happy to welcome you. 

acupuncturists, energy healers, yoga instructors, and other holistic practitioners looking to expand their toolkit with the powerful modality of sound therapy.

musically inclined individuals who wish to channel their creative energy into therapeutic vibrations, adding an entirely new dimension to their artistic expression.

those who feel a deep resonance with the potential of frequency work, regardless of their professional background, and are eager to explore its intricacies or deepen their knowledge.

this course offers comprehensive training, guiding you through theoretical foundations, practical instrument exploration, and real-world applications. whether you're drawn to the science behind brainwave frequencies, eager to harness the transformative power of sound, or excited about designing immersive sonic experiences, this course empowers you to share the gift of healing through frequencies with the world.join us to embark on a journey of self-discovery, learn from seasoned experts, and become a certified sound therapy practitioner. no matter your background, if the world of sound and healing calls to you, this facilitator training is your gateway to becoming a confident and capable frequency facilitator.



"i felt so lucky to have such a personlized training with a gong player who I admire very much (you!). you gave me very valuable feedback in regards to the technique and the gong sessions I created and I now feel quite confident with playing the gongs and facilitating sessions for others. It was also incredibly fun to have a jam session with you and feel our energies merge through sonic vibration."

"i really appreciated the mix of diverse theory (cosmic octave, nada yoga,  anatomy,etc) , exciting content like the water/rice experiment from Emoto and your direct experience with the gongs like where to buy them and what to look for.  I also really appreciated the shadow work exercise."

"the training was so empowering. I really appreciated how you got me to play the gongs intuitively from the beginning. this made me establish a relationship to the gongs from my direct experience instead of from conceptual theory. whenever I played the gongs I could really feel your trust in me with these magical instruments and that really boosted my confidence as a gong player."

“yasemins training was a wonderful introduction into the world of sound and gong. we learned not only how to play the gong, but also what to consider when creating a sound bath experience. under her guidance i gained a new perspective on sound’s therapeutic potential, leaving me feeling more connected to myself and excited to share with others.”



yaseminis has a classic 12 yrs. piano education from the age of 5. music and sound has never left her path and ever since her early ages her soul wanted to create and share more of it. as a certified sound- and breath therapist, musician and artist booker between berlin and turkey, her offering is centered around the curation of safe spaces for re-connective and releasing experiences that go beyond the body-mind connection.
1 [sound]
certified sound therapy
w/ terramedus  

1:1 gong training
w/ kay karl

gong master training
w/ nora schirmeier

gong online training
w/ helene flemming

singing bowl training
w/ ali young

sound meditation training
w/ soneiro collective
2 [vocal]
vocal training
w/ greifswald music school

kirtan training
w/ ellen arthur + sacred sound lab

+ 10 years of music school [since age of 5]
+ singing in several choirs [since age of 8]
3 [piano]
classic piano education
since the age of 5

if you like—RECEIVE


22 hr yacep accreditation
this training will be registered with yoga alliance. if you have a pre-training in yoga, you’ll gain 22hr of points with YACEP. this is not mandatory
free study material 
up to date presentation with all knowledge from our 2 days of training
full brain wave album 
links to purchase your equipment from
gong player certification



no prior experience with sound or facilitation is required. just come with an open heart and a desire to play and learn.you will be initiated and met from wherever you are starting.

of course :) you can pay 50% and 50% simply write to hello@yaseminvollmond.com

participants will gain practical skills in playing gongs. they will develop the ability to create their own sonic rituals and effectively utilize frequency in their practices.the training delves into the science of frequency, including brain entrainment and its impact on the mind, body, and spirit. the course's experiential learning approach encourages personal exploration and reconnecting with one's inner child. graduates often deepen their engagement in the field or integrate these techniques into their existing professions, embracing frequency work in a comprehensive manner

1 faciliator, 2 students

post-training we will be available for support via email + telegram, especially in order to consult on instruments + sonic rituals. we will share resources such as books and scientific studies and will guide you with your homework and integration

after this training you will be able to lead your own sound baths/sonic rituals. through this program, you can discover what you are drawn to and how you’d like to use it in your own work.

50% fee back

music — sets
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